Monika Casey Teaches How to Have a Successful Career in Hollywood

The Business of Acting

HERE'S THE DEAL: If you are want to know how to become an actor and have a thriving acting career in Hollywood, my Fresh-off-the-Boat course is for you! It doesn’t matter how much theater training you’ve done, no one tells you what you need to know to succeed in Hollywood - for the business side of living in LA and becoming the CEO of YOU. My 9 Lesson Bootcamp gives you access to insider secrets I have learned from my own trial and error in Hollywood that will help you from making mistakes that can set you back years. Audition tips, self-tapes, how to set yourself apart - everything I wish someone had shared with me is all available to you! - Monika Casey - Actress, Producer, Comedian



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The Monika Casey class...Its a whole package deal.​

I took this class not really knowing what to expect.. Monika has an gentle intelligent way of guiding you to see different angles of auditioning, how to self tape properly, techniques to learn lines quickly. The best part was how to package yourself to managers and agents. She helps you with it all..

I recommend this class to anyone who is new or needs a brush up in this business. - Jessica Winther

I would definitely recommend Monika's class–– whether you're fresh to LA, looking to learn the fundamentals or a seasoned professional with credits craving a spike in momentum. Monika's grace, positivity and kindness cultivate a sweet community of people who care for one another and build each other up–– which is an absolute treasure in this oftentimes cut-throat field of entertainment! - Sarah Afkami

Take Monika's class if you can. She is so fun and puts everything into her class. Monika goes above and beyond with her support, enthusiasm, and the resources she provides to get you out there. On top of that, she's hilarious and a major hottie! - Bethanie John

From the moment Monika opened the class with a self deprecating joke I was hooked. Her vocal cadence and effortless relatable sass make you want to raise the bar on your performer self; but also grab a margarita w/ her after! Bottom Line she’s just the best! I joined her class looking to zero in on my “Actor/Comedian” Pitch Package and left with way more: personal taglines for pitching, a punched up bio, a great stand up clip, and such a heightened confidence in self taping and audition etiquette when in the room with casting directors/producers. Her attention to personal detail and guidance for each individual student in the supportive environment is what sets her classes apart from the rest. - Jaclyn Marfuggi